Hospital equipment


Hospital equipment | Proctology

Since 1981, Sapi Med has been the reference point in the field of coloproctology, due to its continuous research into new, technologically advanced solutions.

The Sapi Med hospital line offers a wide range of disposable medical devices dedicated to proctology and treatment of the pelvic floor. The wide range of instruments includes anoscopes, sigmoidoscope, anal retractors and haemorrhoid ligators.



Disposable self-lighting diagnostic and operative devices for anoscopy, outpatient and day surgery surgical procedures.


Disposable and sterile devices, dedicated to surgical procedures for complex anorectal pathologies.


Diagnostic devices and operating disposable, graduated, of various sizes and with detachable handle.

Haemorrhoid ligators

Disposable suction and traction devices for haemorrhoids elastic ligature.


Disposable devices dedicated to outpatient and surgical therapy of haemorrhoids, fissures, fistulas, prolapses, abscesses, etc.

Steel surgical instruments

Re-usable steel surgical instruments for surgery theater and day surgery.