Company profile


SAPI MED has a worldwide reputation for innovation in coloproctology. In the development of effective therapeutic product solutions, the specific needs of surgeons and patients are considered. The SAPI MED product range consists of diagnostic and therapeutic devices with the following characteristics: disposable, hygienic, easy to handle, simple to use and orientated towards a modern and advanced conception of proctology.


The product design protocol is based on the close examination of diagnostic and surgical procedures on specialist’s and medical staff’s needs. By listening to and interacting with proctologists, diagnostic and therapeutic devices are designed to be more functional. SAPI MED aims both to respond actively to customers’ needs and anticipate their future requirements.


Research and development of materials and the evolution of prototypes takes place at the Centre of Culture for Plastics Engineering at the Politecnico di Torino, Alessandria branch. In collaboration with research specialists and with operational control system, the close conformity of the prototype to the user’s needs (as revealed by a feasibility study) is assured. Systematic development and repeated corrective action ensure the gradual technical perfection of the product.


SAPI MED’s commitment to innovations has produced a diverse range of high-quality, specialised instruments, which are both reliable and easy to use. This has led to optimisation Of surgical performance, and to the consistent improvement of day surgery techniques in coloproctology. All of this is the result of research in the medical-clinical and technological field which has led SAPI MED to achieve a leading position in specific instruments for coloproctology.